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eCNA Automations now shipping.

All CNA automations are now shipping with the new eCNA boards. This board includes and Ethernet connection providing enhanced features including a KDI (Keyboard and Display Interface) and Digital Projector serial control through Ethernet. Old CNA automations can also be easily upgraded by just replacing the old board (39325) with the new board (39425). Contact Strong International to find out more.

CineSuite V2.0 Software now available for download.

The long awaited update to our CineSuite software is now available. This software includes a number of enhancements especially those available through the Ethernet port using the eCNA automations. To learn more or to download the software, please see our CineSuite Software page.

Established in 1946, EPRAD has a long history of being a major manufacturer for the Motion Picture Theatre Industry. From the legendary SWORD (Show Without Rewind Device) to our current state-of-the-art line of CineNet™ Theatre Automation systems, EPRAD has been the leader in developing innovative products. As the cinema industry changes and evolves we are dedicated to this tradition of providing high quality products and inventive solutions.

Currently our product line includes:

  • Automation Systems: Our CineNetTM line of automations are state-of-the-art microprocessor-based automation systems, designed to automate all aspects of the theatre presentation.
  • Facility Paging Systems: The CineNetTM Paging System automatically sends messages to one or more pagers alerting key personnel that a show has gone down.
  • Film Monitors: Our FP-350 Failsafe Cue Detector combines a proximity cue detector(s) with optical film presence sensing. A bobble delay eliminates false film break indications at startup.
  • Light Control Systems: We have CNATM compatible systems that can be programmed by our automations or through our software. Stand alone systems are also available.
  • Remote Monitors: Our microcomputer-controlled remote monitors display the status of all projection booths in a cinema multiplex providing personnel real time information of each auditorium.
  • Sound Monitors: Our SLM-150TM Sound Level Monitor is used in the projection booth to monitor the processor and amplifier outputs for all channels of a multi-channel cinema sound system.
  • Software: CineSuiteTM Software provides remote access, remote monitoring, data acquisition, report generation. CineSuite software enhances the abilities of all CineNetTM products.

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