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EPRAD's CineSuiteTM (Jan. 10, 2001)
CineSuite is designed to be an enterprise wide software solution for the cinema industry. CineSuite consist of a number of separate modules that provide different functions for the theatre environment. These modules communicate via the Internet standard TCP/IP protocol. CineSuite applications can communicate with each other on a single computer, across a local network, by modem to modem using "Dial-Up Server" or over the Internet.

Current CineSuite applications include:

CineSuite Router - all CineSuite applications communicate with each other through this.
CineNet Driver - this provides communications to the CNA LSN network through a Gateway connected to a serial port on the computer.
CineSuite Remote Monitor - this provides remote status of all the CNA Automations on the network.
CineSuite Backup - this provides a means to backup and restore all files from the CNA Automations on the LSN network.
CineSuite Manager - this is the main user application for the CineSuite Enterprise. Using the CineSuite Manager, the user can edit CNA programs, supervisory and show schedules. A Remote Monitor, LSN Status Monitor, Show Log Viewer and a File Trasnfer utility are all part of this application. Read More..

CineNetTM Paging System (Jan. 10, 2001)
EPRAD is proud to introduce it's new facility-wide paging system. In the event a show goes down, key personnel are paged with the auditorium number and the problem type. Up to ten pagers can be used with this system. The CineNet Paging System is a stand alone system not requiring a computer for operation.

The CineNet Paging System is easy to install and is configured at the factory for the number and type of pagers ordered with the system. If additional or replacement pagers are required, PC software is included allowing you to easily configure the system.

The paging systems capabilities can also be expanded by using the paging system with the CineSuite line of software products. Enhanced capabilities include customizing messages, selectable paged events and more pagers.

CineSuiteTM Reporter (Jan. 16, 2001)
EPRAD's new CineSuite Reporter is a information system made possible by recent advances with our CineNet line of theatre automations and the development of CineSuite. Detailed reports are produced on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly basis providing current information on the quality of show presentations for a theatre and can be sent via e-mail to managers and other designated personnel. By providing detailed information on show presentations, CineSuite Reporter provides the corporation and its individual theatres with a valuable tool to help identify equipment and training deficiencies. Read More..



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