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The FP-350/352TM Optical Failsafe and Proximity Cue Detector is a solid-state cue detector and failsafe. This design eliminates clumsy failsafe arms as well as the routine maintenance tasks commonly associated with conventional units such as cleaning dirty cue detector rollers. The FP comes in two models. The FP-350 has one proximity sensor, while the FP-352 has two.

The cues are sensed by proximity detectors positioned at the outside edges of the film. The proximity detectors sense the presence of the aluminum cue foil. When one or both of the proximity detectors sense a cue, the circuitry determines whether the cue sensed is an inboard, outboard, or cross cue. The circuitry then closes the appropriate relay contacts. (The FP-350 will only sense an inboard cue or an outboard cue as determined by the setup of the cue detector board. The FP-350 will not have the ability to sense a cross cue.)

Faults are sensed using a pair of infrared emitter-detectors located just inside the sprocket holes on each side of the film. Using a pair of film detectors allows the unit to detect film splits as well as film breaks. The emitter sends a beam of light which the film reflects back to the detector. The circuitry determines whether the film is present and closes the relay contacts. The FP Failsafe and Proximity Cue Detector also incorporates a variable bobble delay. This gives the unit an adjustable amount of time between the detection of a fault and the output of a fault condiction.

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