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CineSuite V2.0

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CineSuite Software

CineSuite is designed to be an enterprise wide software solution for the cinema industry. Communication between the modules is through the Internet standard TCP/IP protocol. CineSuite applications can communicate with each other on a single computer, across a local network or over the Internet. Eprad's CineSuite software provides the ability to setup, monitor and manage your CNA automation systems right at your computer.

V2.0 of CineSuite development is now complete. This new version adds features necessary for the eCNA automation including Ethernet communication. V2.0 includes a number of enhancements and improvements due to the addition of an Ethernet port on the CNA automations.

V2.0 of the CineSuite software is now a single download and installation file. Simply download the CineSuite.zip V2.0.8 (7.98MB) file, extract the files and run the Setup.exe. The installation program will take you through the installation process where you will select the individual components of the CineSuite system you would like to install. Below are the programs included with the CineSuite download.

Download CineSuite Now V2.0.8 (7.98MB)

V2.0 is not compatible with older versions of CineSuite. If upgrading, you must upgrade all programs for CineSuite to work properly.

eCineNet Driver

The heart of the CineSuite software is the CineNet Driver. This program is required when using CineSuite.

  • The CineNet Driver handles the communications between the CineSuite programs and the CNA automations.
  • V2.0 works with the PCI-64 Gateway, VNC Gateway and eCNA boards (using Ethernet)
  • Collects all the event information from the automation used to generate reports using CineSuite Reporter II
  • Communicates with ticketing systems to update CNA show schedules
  • V2.0 All CineSuite programs communicate with the CineNet Drivers. Older versions required the installation of the CineSuite Router. The CineSuite Router is obsolete with V2.0.
  • Includes the KDI server. This will allow the user to setup an unlimited number of KDI screens that will be displayed on CNA-200 automations.

CineSuite Manager

The CineSuite Manager is the main user interface for the CineSuite software.

  • Create, copy, upload, download CNA Programs, Supervisory settings, Show Schedules
  • View LSN and LIN device status
  • Monitor automation show status
  • View Show Log and Event Log
  • Perform Flash Upgrade

CineSuite Reporter II

The CineSuite Reporter is one of the most valuable CineSuite programs for a theatre owner.

  • Automatically e-mails reports providing real time accurate information about shows including faults and show interruptions.
  • Helps identify equipment or training deficiencies
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly reports and summaries.
  • Reports can be customized
  • Does not require Outlook

CineSuite CNA Remote Monitor

The CineSuite Monitor provides remote monitoring of all CNA automations on any computer on the network.

  • Full color monitoring provides a quick and easy way to know if any shows have a problems
  • Any number of CineSuite Monitors can be running on the network

CineSuite Location Server

The CineSuite Location Server provides the ability to connect together multiple complexes across a WAN or Internet.

  • Only necessary if connecting multiple cinema complexes.
  • Allows users to use other CineSuite programs to communicate with all facilities from a single location

Digital Projector Interface

The digital projector interface allows theatres that run preshow digital projector systems to control their digital projectors using CineSuite software. Using a simple protocol, the Digital Projector Interface turns the digital preshow projectors on and off based on status conditions received from the CNA automations. To interface to this program, please contact Eprad.


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