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The SDTM Light Control System consists of a 37627 Stand Alone Dimmer Control board used in conjunction with up to four 2000-watt Dimmer Power modules. The 37627 controller can be interfaced to almost any theatre automation. The SD line of dimmers is available in two models, the SD-2E and the SD-4E. The SD-2E system is a single channel 2000-watt system designed for the control of house light circuits. The SD-4E system is a dual channel, 2000-watt per channel, system designed for the control of the house and stage light circuits. Higher wattage needs can be addressed by paralleling the power modules.

The 2000-watt dimmer power modules are available for 110VAC or 220VAC. Each module is rated for 2000 watts and two modules can be wired in parallel for a total rating of 4000 watts per channel.

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