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The CNA-100 Cinema Network Automation is a state-of-the-art microprocessor-based automation system featuring user-friendly controls employing common theatre-industry terms and language for programming. The CNA-100's network capabilities allow systems to communicate on the LSN two-wire RS-485 serial link.The CNA-100 is accessible via a laptop or home-based PC for direct programming and monitoring. Other features are:

  • Available in console, rack or wall mount versions.
  • Modular design allows for a number of installation configurations that will suit the particular needs of any theatre.
  • Termination Panels can be distributed in the booth according to their logical location. The panels are powered and controlled by the LIN network. This greatly reduces the wire count.
  • Custom programming of Film Sound, Lens/Masking and Lights.
  • Battery-backed memory can store up to nine different programs with up to nine cues each.
  • Intermission and Curtain Call functions standard.
  • Controls up to six sound formats.
  • Interlock operation allows up to nine independent loops simultaneously.
  • Manual override switches provide emergency control.
  • Large alpha-numeric displays indicate program, show, and fault status.
  • Can be programmed and monitored using Strong's CineNet™ Host or CineSuite™ software.

The CineNet™ Gateway card or the VNC (Versatile Network Controller) provides an interface between the LSN network and a PC. This allows access to the CNA Automations with either CineNet Host or CineSuite software. CineSuite gives the ability to remotely access, program and monitor the CNA automation, update the CNA operating system, backup/copy programs and settings, access diagnostic information, view show information/history and produce summary reports.


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