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CineSuite is designed to be an enterprise wide software solution. This is accomplished by creating separate CineSuite applications that perform different functions. By separating the software applications, the flexibility of the CineSuite enterprise is significantly increased. Applications are not required to be running on the same computer, or even in the same building. Communication between the modules is through the Internet standard TCP/IP protocol. TCP/IP communications are virtually boundless. The connections can be made on the same PC, across an Ethernet connection or through the Internet. The various CineSuite applications do not have to reside on the same PC or even in the same building or same city.

Below is an illustration showing the complete CineSuite connection scheme. The CineSuite Location Server shown on this illustration allows CineSuite Routers to communicate with each other without them knowing each others IP address. Each CineSuite Router is connected to the CineSuite Location Server and the CineSuite Location Server will then find the correct CineSuite Router and forward any data. This is only necessary if connecting CineSuite Routers together across the Internet or a WAN.

The next illustration shows how the CineNet LSN network is connected to the CineNet Driver and how CineSuite clients communicate with the CineNet Driver. Any number of CineSuite clients can be connected to the CineSuite Router and communicate with the CineNet Driver. Some CineSuite clients can also communicate with each other but most of the CineSuite clients are made to communicate with the CineNet Driver since this application provides most of the data for the CNA automations on the LSN network.



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